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Ready To Become A Healthier, Happier You?

Nutrition Services

Helping busy professionals transform their lifestyles with simplicity…through one small win at a time.

We can help you...

Live Your Best Life (With All The Extras)

At Shey Wellness, we believe that lifestyle changes happen – and are more sustainable – when you still do the things you love. From eating that leftover slice of cake to choosing a brisk walk over a 10km run, you don’t have to compromise onf life’s favourite indulgences!

Instead, we focus on switching out small daily habits that no longer serve a purpose.

The 3 Pillars of Health & Wellness


Quick daily exercises to keep your body active and reduce stiff joints and back pain.


Tasty, guilt-free meals packed with nutritional goodness (and can be made in no time).


Affirmations, meditations, and more, to elevate your mind and boost your confidence.

What We Offer

Whether you’re ready to make small shifts in your daily routine or put your all into it, Shey Wellness has something for everyone!

Massage Therapy

Detox your body and feel the stress melt away with massage sessions with a trained massage therapist. Choose between a Swedish and deep tissue massage for ultimate relaxation and recovery.


Take the next steps in your wellbeing journey with strength and stretch exercises, meal plans and recipes for healthy weight loss, and stress management techniques and other mindset tools.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Need a little extra guidance? Sign up for our 1:1 coaching program and receive direct support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals – from no post-lunch bloating to better stress management.

What To Expect

A New, Revitalized Daily Routine

You wake up feeling rested after 8 hours of deep sleep. You eat a delicious and healthy breakfast, grab the lunch you prepared the night before, and head out to work. You have a productive day in the office, making sure to stretch in between client meetings. You enjoy a spontaneous meal out with friends before returning home in the evening to prepare for tomorrow. You go to bed feeling tired  yet excited to seize the day once again.

Meet Our Founder

Laura Niesslein

Laura Niesslein has over 14 years’ experience in holistic health and wellness, having studied around the world. She is a qualified yoga and Pilates instructor, registered nutritionist, and massage therapist passionate about empowering busy women and men to take time for themselves.

No matter the circumstances, Laura’s goal is to help everyone lead healthier lives – without having to cut back on the many indulgences we all know and love!